Frequently Asked Questions

Here we provide questions to some of the most frequently asked questions at Mobile ESD. For more information about these and other questions you may have, please view our parent student handbook, which is available in the Parents area on the Home page.

Can I visit or volunteer in my child's classroom?

Yes, of course! We welcome and encourage parental involvement. When you arrive at Mobile Elementary to visit or volunteer, please sign in at the school office. We will issue a visitor or volunteer badge and provide any special instructions. Your participation sets a wonderful example for our students. We appreciate your interest and involvement.

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When will I have a conference with my child's teacher?

Scheduled in the fall and spring, parent/teacher conferences provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and unique needs. We encourage you to work with your child’s teacher to find the best way to meet your child’s personality and learning style. You will receive notification of scheduled conference dates via student notices and our school calendar. You may also contact us at (520) 568-2280 to schedule an appointment whenever you feel the need. Involved parents are a vital part of every student’s education.

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How can I stay informed about my child's studies and school events?

This website provides all the latest school announcements, policies, and updates. We also publish a monthly newsletter, the Scorpion Express and send weekly notices and information home with students on “Take Home Tuesday.” We support and encourage open communication. Please call our office at (520) 568-2280 with any questions. We’re here to support you and keep you informed.

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How does Mobile ESD recognize and reward success?

We recognize and affirm the achievements of Mobile Elementary students. We believe it’s important to celebrate our daily successes. We recognize our students during a school-wide assembly. Students also receive a certificate and a special pencil. We also publish their names in the Scorpion Express Newsletter and treat them to an ice cream party. Below is a brief description of each recognition program for the 2017-2018 school year:

Honor Roll:

This academic recognition begins in third grade. Honor Roll is a quarterly award earned by students who receive an average grade of “B” on their report card. To be eligible a student may have no grade lower than “B” and have no ‘needs improvement’ or ‘unsatisfactory’ grades in conduct.

Principal’s List:

This academic recognition begins in third grade. Students who receive all “A” grades on their report card have no 'needs improvement’ or ‘unsatisfactory’ grades in conduct earn a place on the quarterly Principal's List.

Scorpion Scooter Award:

This academic recognition award is for students in kindergarten through second grade. Scorpion Scooter Awards are earned quarterly by students for their good efforts, good attitudes, and good work in class. To be eligible a student may have no ‘unsatisfactory’ grades in conduct.

Monthly Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Achievement Awards:

Students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade may earn monthly academic progress and achievement awards in reading, writing, and mathematics. Each teacher may select one student each month to receive this award for each subject area—reading, writing, and mathematics. Students who have shown the most achievement or improvement in reading, writing, or mathematics in the class will be eligible for this new award. 

Perfect Attendance Award:

We recognize all students who maintain perfect attendance for the month.

Great Attendance Award:

The Great Attendance award will be given at the end of the school year. Students who have three or fewer absences during the 2017-2018 school years are eligible for this award.

Mobile Money: “Exchange GOOD BEHAVIOR for COINS

All students are eligible to earn “Mobile Money” for showing good behavior, doing a good deed, helping another student, or going “above and beyond.” Mobile Money may also be earned by students who are successful in the “Make Your Day” program.

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What if my child is absent or tardy?

If an absence is unavoidable, please call the school office at (520) 568-2280 by 8:30 a.m. We want to confirm that if your child is not at school, he or she is safe and supervised. If we are unable to reach you by phone, your student should present a note to the office that is signed by the parent and states the date and specific reason for the absence. We ask parents to request make-up work at least 24 hours before they intend to pick it up.

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At what time should my child arrive and depart Mobile Elementary?

Mobile students arrive no sooner than thirty minutes before school starts and should leave the school grounds immediately at dismissal time unless they are participating in an afterschool activity and have parental permission.

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What is the dress code at Mobile Elementary?

We believe that our students' appearance is an important part of the learning environment. We encourage our students to avoid any potentially distracting and/or harmful clothing and accessories. If you have any questions, please call our school office.


  • Students may wear slacks, capris, shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers (as appropriate), in the solid colors of dark blue or khaki (tan), to be worn at the waist. Shorts may be no shorter than four (4) inches from top of the knee.
  • Students’ shirts/tops should be collared, have sleeves, solid-colored, and cover the midriff. Knit polo shirts with 2–3 buttons, with or without a breast pocket, are preferred. Students may wear shirts/tops outside slacks if they are shorter than the length of the inseam. Shirts/Tops must cover to the sternum bone. Shirts/Tops may be in the solid colors of dark blue, khaki, white, or burgundy. No logos.


  • Students may wear “stud” earrings. We do not allow piercings other than in the earlobe.
  • Students may not wear dangerous, bulky, or distracting jewelry items.


  • We recommend tennis shoes for physical education classes and daily wear.
  • All shoes must have enclosed toes and enclosed backs.
  • We do not permit open-toed or open-heeled shoes or sandals.
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Can my child eat lunch and/or breakfast at Mobile Elementary?

We serve two meals in the cafeteria each school day. We serve breakfast at 7:35 a.m. and lunch at 12:00 p.m. Parents, we invite you to come and enjoy a meal with your child. Please sign in as a visitor in our school office before meeting your child for lunch. For more information on breakfast and lunch prices, please visit our Food Services page.

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What books or supplies does my child need?

We provide all textbooks and supplies to our students. Mobile students take responsibility for the care of their textbooks and supplies. We greatly appreciate donations of classroom supplies such as pencils, paper, and notebooks. Contact your child's teacher or the school office for specific needs. Students may want to carry items to and from school in a backpack. We provide the first backpack of the school year for our student’s use.

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What if my child needs medication or becomes ill at school?

The best place for an ill child is at home in the care of an adult. We will notify you if your child becomes ill at school. The school nurse does not diagnose illnesses. If your child is ill or injured, please consult a doctor before sending your child to school.

Please complete a Medication Release Form in the school office if your child needs to take any medication during the school day. We do not dispense medication without a written order from a physician or parent. We request that students keep medicine in the school nurse's office, in the original prescription container, with the student's name on it. The nurse will call your child out of class when it is time to take the approved medication.

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What are the guidelines for cell phones and electronics?

We ask that Mobile students not bring cell phones, mp3 players, or game systems to school. Students report to the school office to make any emergency calls.

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